Looking for an extensive digital learning solution provider that provides a personalized learning journey? VINSYS has you covered. With our vast experience in interactive digital content services and our expert partners, we provide engrossing learning solutions that provide learners with an unparalleled learning experience. We are home to an OTS course library of 100,000+ digital learning content with multiple modalities & languages (including Arabic) that can be integrated with any SCORM/AICC Compliant Learning Platforms. VINSYS help deliver end-to-end customized digital learning content.

Wide Variety of Topical Coverage

Business Skills
Support your employees and help them brush up on core business skills with access to multiple online training courses.
Get comprehensive online courses on many aspects of workplace communication including negotiation, delegation, and how to make meetings as productive, engaging and efficient as possible.
Explore a huge range of online training materials covering all aspects of compliance – from employee health and safety to workplace harassment and discrimination, as well as social media usage and data security.
Customer Service
Find courses covering all areas of customer service, including developing a good rapport with customers, building customer loyalty, improving listening skills, handling objections, and treating customers fairly.
Explore online training materials that cover all aspects of finance – from basic accounting concepts and principles to preparing financial statements and closing accounts, as well as managing inventory and receivables, and analyzing financial reports.
Health and Safety
Get a wide range of online training courses, covering all aspects of workplace health and safety such as fire safety, manual handling, electrical hazards, and risk assessment, while learning the importance of WHS procedures.
Health and Wellbeing
Learn all kinds of important techniques and practical tips to improve your staff’s overall wellbeing, including how to reduce distractions, build resilience, manage stress and/or anxiety in the workplace, and focus on priorities to take back their day.
Human Resources
Empower your human resources team with online training courses on all aspects of human resources, such as creating professional development programs, supporting employees in the workplace, giving effective feedback, and managing workplace conflict or misconduct.
IT Skills
Help employees to feel more confident in their IT skills, to improve their efficiency and productivity while keeping company data safe and secure. Find topics such as cybersecurity awareness, secure document sharing with mobile devices, protecting against malware, and understanding two-factor authentication and strong passwords.
Support your employees as they take their career to the next level with online courses on guiding and motivating team members, building trust, becoming a reliable leader with integrity, foreseeing (and resolving) problems and issues, encouraging teams to work toward shared goals and more.
Business Skills
Explore hundreds of online training courses on topics such as providing feedback, developing employees, effective decision making, performance management, and using the SMART approach to goal setting.
Marketing and Advertising
Support your team members with online training and help them stay in step with current industry trends, allowing them to continually improve the way in which your business is reaching, engaging and converting audiences.
Personal Development
Personal development training is the best way to help employees improve their productivity and time management skills, develop stronger communication and collaboration techniques, and even learn how to manage stress.
Project Management
Through online training, employees can cover all aspects of project management, including how to create objectives, prioritize goals, organize tasks, and time manage projects – while also sticking to budgets and available resources.
Empower your sales team with online training courses that help them to develop new sales techniques and reinforce existing selling skills, and see more positive results from them.


You can explore online courses directly related to your industry. We offer the best and most up-to-date industry-relevant information and courses.

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